Our LED Light Towers feature an exclusive, revolutionary design that provides more light than a metal halide light tower, but uses far less fuel. There has never been a light tower like this. It is the light tower you have always wanted.

The power system features a rugged Tier 4 diesel engine and high-quality two-pole generator. A 54-gallon fuel tank provides extended run times of up to 225 hours between re-fuelings. An electric fuel gauge provides an instant read of fuel level, and is lighted for easy viewing at night. Exceptional power efficiency and fuel savings create a smaller carbon footprint than other light towers. Low fuel consumption not only lengthens run times, it greatly reduces refueling and maintenance costs. Additionally, built-in fluid containment protects against ground contamination from leaks, spills and drips.

Rival Services, LLC is happy to announce we have added Generators to our lineup. This is our 35kw unit.  We have a couple of these and will  add more as well as 25kw machines as our customers need them.

Rival Services, LLC is now providing FLAMELESS HEATERS.  The patented technology uses diesel power to agitate hydraulic oil in a flameless, sparkless, low-pressure environment. The oil is cooled and circulated, not burned, providing a clean pollution free discharge to the target environment. Safety features are incorporated to protect the investment of your Therm Dynamics heater.