About Us

While Rival Services, LLC as a company has officially been in business since 2015, we have well over 100 years in combined experience in the oil and gas industry. We have been helping E&P companies find the people and the resources they need to maximize their operations since the early 1980s. We understand the oil and gas business from staking to plugging, and all facets in between.

Under familiar names like Schneider Energy Services, Select Energy Services and Schneider Energy Consulting, our team’s commitment to our customers has always been to provide them with experienced, knowledgeable workers who work safely and efficiently. And then we deliver more.

We’re not in business just to put people to work. We’re in business to help you be successful by putting the right people to work for your operation.


Our team of employees is at the heart of what we do. Their safety and well-being are paramount to our operation and to yours. Each of our employees is trained in current worksite safety procedures and well control. We know that by keeping our team safe, we keep your operations moving forward.

Trained to adhere to industry standards and guidelines established through ISNetworld, PEC Premier, and OSHA, our employees are well versed in safety in our challenging industry. Rival has a long history of accident-free work – our employees have had no OSHA-recordable incidents, ever.

Environmental Stewardship:

No matter where in the country they may be working, our employees call their worksite communities home. We respect these communities and appreciate their hospitality towards our industry. That’s why it is our pledge to be a great neighbor. We ensure our employees demonstrate the highest degree of integrity and uphold strict environmental and ethical standards in all that they do

“Excellent service – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

-Joe Kauffmann, rental customer

If you are in need of contract personnel or services, please contact us. If you are looking for work, please visit our careers page to see our open positions.

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