Gate Guard Services

Know who is coming and going on your site and when. Professional security and gate guard services from Rival Services provide access control, security, and protection anytime, anywhere. We can provide the right level of personnel for your needs, even in remote locations. Whether you need personnel to distribute required safety information or you need professional security guards, we can provide resources 24/7 who will:

  • Protect expensive equipment and materials from theft, fire, vandalism, and more
  • Patrol pipeline right of ways
  • Keep your site secure while allowing daily operations to take place

Security and gate guard services from Rival Services provide you with:

  • Professional enforcement of site-specific rules and regulations
  • Visitor registration for those entering or exiting drilling or well sites
  • Short-term or long-term engagements for energy companies of all sizes
  • Customized operation for your specific project and location
  • Uninterrupted, 24-hour multiple gate entry access control
  • Video surveillance also available

Onsite support equipment available includes:

  • Heated and cooled gate guard shack
  • Light plant and generator
  • RV living quarters for remote locations
  • Portable video surveillance equipment

If you are in need of security or gate guard services, please contact us.

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