Equipment Rental

You can’t get the job done without the right equipment. That’s why Rival Services provides specialty rental equipment for the oil and gas industry. Our rental fleet includes:

LED Light Towers:

  • More light than metal halide light towers with less fuel consumption for a smaller carbon footprint
  • Tier 4 diesel engine and high-quality two-pole generator
  • 54-gallon fuel tank for run times of up to 225 hours
  • Lighted electric fuel gauge for an instant read of fuel level, even at night
  • Fluid containment available upon request

Flameless Heaters:

  • Diesel power agitates hydraulic oil in a low-pressure environment without flames or sparks for clean, safe heat
  • Oil is cooled and circulated, not burned, for a clean, pollution-free discharge
  • Provide 600,000 BTUs of clean, dry heat at temperatures up to 180 degrees and over 5,000 CFM

Mobile Generators:

  • Heavy-duty 4-cycle EPA-certified flex diesel engine
  • Enlarged fuel cell for maximum run times
  • Oversized PMG generator for superior starting
  • Sound attenuation for excellent noise reduction
  • 120% fluid containment
  • Block heater for cold-weather starts
  • 25kW and 35kW available

Waste Management Equipment:

Tell us what you need for your site and we will get it for you.

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